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Hi everyone. David from rondofiniti here. I thought I’d put a remarkably simple rental suburb dashboard together in Tableau, focusing on tooltip information. You can personally interact with the dashboard live on the Tableau Public website. The link is provided at the end of this article.

So, how does tooltip information work?

Tooltips allows you to point your cursor over various elements of a dashboard resulting in a relatively instant display of key information. Read on and we’ll demonstrate the concept.

Firstly, I scraped suburb data from the web for current rentals in the suburb of Hamlyn Heights in Geelong for mid-May of 2020. Using this data, I wanted to develop a visualisation dashboard which showed the following:

  • A map of the suburb
  • Dots on the map representing the addresses of current rental properties
  • A display showing rental properties versus the number of bedrooms
  • A display showing the average rental price versus week per the number of bedrooms

For the tooltip:

  • A picture of the property
  • Address
  • Rent price
  • Bond price if applicable
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Numbers of bathrooms
  • Parking availability

The following picture shows the completed dashboard design:

Suburb Dashboard

A description of the various elements on the dashboard are shown in the picture below:


Load the dashboard from the Tableau Public website (details at the end of this document), then explore the following actions:

1. Hover your mouse over any of the dots on the map and watch the tooltip display key information        as shown below:


Important: Remember, if you get stuck on the dashboard because you accidently clicked the wrong thing, just click into a blank space in the primarily affected display to reset the dashboard.

2. Using the ‘Properties vs the Number of Bedrooms’ display located at the top right-hand side of the      dashboard, click the bar associated with the 3-bedrooms as shown below:


You will notice above that the map has updated to show only 3-bedroom houses and the lower right-hand side display (Average Rental p/w) has the average 3-bedroom rental price of $433 p/w shown. To reset the view, click a blank space inside the top right-hand side display.

3. Finally, click on the single bed on the bottom right display ‘Average Rental p/w’. See figure below.        You will notice that map has updated to only show single bedroom rentals and the top right-hand        side display has also updated to display a single bedroom information. Hover your mouse over the      top right-hand side display to reveal the number of single bedroom rentals available for rent.


Have a go and see if you can use the dashboard to extract information.

Click Here to navigate to the dashboard on the Tableau Public website.

Dashboard Tableau

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