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Hi everyone. David from rondofiniti here. To state the obvious, COVID-19 has impacted all Australians. On the macro level, it has severely impacted our economy, our healthcare system our unemployment support. At the micro level, it has affected us socially, limited our ability to travel, others have lost their jobs, some small businesses have closed, and our way of life has changed.

But what about the property market? There are countless blogs and posts about this very question and I don’t propose to add to them here in any great detail. However, just to mention briefly, during stage 3 restrictions mandated the following activities ceased:

  • Real estate auctions (remotely allowed) and
  • House inspections – except for private inspections by appointment

This meant:

  • Auction clearance rates became generally meaningless
  • New property listings fell
  • Private sales became the only way forward
  • Lower asking prices
  • Less activity in the rental markets
  • Inactivity in accommodation/AirBnB rentals


Likewise, property developers may be considering if it is worth investing now or later? How best to maximise return on investment? Will investors of larger property developments invest in a time of general financial uncertainty? What about current investments on large developments? How will that situation pan out?

Obviously, government restrictions have and will continue to ease as the COVID-19 data trends towards a favourable outcome.

You get the message – But how can rondofiniti help? How can real estate and property developer firms get back on their feet swifter by using data analytics? Well, our data analytics skill set can help answer questions such as:

General Company Insights

  • How is your firm doing? Cash flow, sales, overheads, and profits: where is it going and coming from? Do you have high level, or even departmental data KPI dashboards? Are you using them for performance and target setting?
  • How’s that marketing campaign going? Are you maximising your investment? Not sure?
  • Are you concentrating sales in certain suburbs, but maybe could diversify your mix of auction versus private sales in different suburbs to get a better sale conversion result?
  • Where are your major losses occurring? Can they be minimised?
  • Are your personnel managing your company data on spreadsheets, on their own PC desktops? What happens if those files are accidently deleted?
  • How are the demographics of certain suburbs changing? Can you take advantage of that knowledge to target your agents better?
  • What about rental price versus rental mix for suburbs? Do you understand what is happening in the market?
  • What are customers saying about your service and how can that be used as part of your KPI make-up.

General Property Clearances

  • How will auction clearance rates change with time? If you know this, you can divert your agent resources towards either private or auction sales as well as knowing the next booming suburb. This leads to much higher sale conversion which means more dollars faster and less leg work. See the example of this style of dashboard below:


  • How do dwelling style preferences changes over time? What are the predicted sale prices of different dwelling styles in a specific suburb over time?
  • Do you spend too much time looking at property sales or listings on several different websites; trying to understand the trends in the market?
  • Do you have access to CoreLogic? Do you spend time sifting through data but are not sure what the data is telling you? Do you spend too much time trying to determine insights from that data on a weekly or monthly basis?
  • Are you using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to update your dashboard information automatically? APIs allow you to link your company dashboards directly to sites like CoreLogic.

As you can see above, the answers to all of these questions can be viewed and extracted from one simple visualisation.


  • If a CBD block has been purchased, what is the best mix of dwelling styles per level to maximise profit for the specific area? What should you set the price ranges at to be competitive in that space?
  • If a suburban or farmland development has been purchased, what mix of block sizes would be required to best maximise profits.
  • Knowing sales prices in the future, how can we maximise profits for our investors on our development?
  • Are people reselling land after purchasing from your development sale?
  • What platforms are being used to selling this land? Is it a competitive price? How many blocks are on these sites?
  • How are the land and dwelling values going to change over time for that development?
  • What are the general sentiments about the development from peripheral bystanders or other investors?
  • What are your competitors doing and can you gain insight from their performance?

Feel free to interact with an amazingly simple example (see pic below) at the Tableau Public website – Click Here

Suburb Dashboard

Are there questions above that you would like answered for your business?

We’ll help you develop a problem statement and formulate a solution that can be integrated into your daily business operations. Contact us today.

A little about us:

rondofiniti has extensive experience in both business management and data science. We believe the right mix of these two disciplines is unique in today’s corporate world. Our approach ensures insightful, creative and inspiring business intelligence solutions for our clients. Feel free to peruse our website.




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