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Funnel. Insights - data analytics powered by A.I.

Rondofiniti has extensive experience in both business management and data science. We believe the right mix of these two disciplines is unique in today’s corporate world. Our approach ensures insightful, creative and inspiring business intelligence solutions for our clients.

A.I., business intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc. – modern data science can be daunting.  Most organisations would agree that data science can be very useful.  However, it can be difficult to decipher when applied to a business setting. Consequently, its potential may be lost.

In contrast, rondofiniti specialises in solutions that are comprehendible by any layer of an organisation. We are your competitive advantage. Whether we build you a vibrant interactive dashboard, or merge big-data with your business data, we have the expertise to help you.

Rondofiniti presents managers and executives with the clear and concise data insights they need to ensure sound decision making.


Our Vision & Mission

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